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The Microcosmic Orbit Practice

The Microcosmic Orbit Practice


Extract: This is a classic Taoist Meditation method, with its roots in India, for circulating and refining Qi via the circuit formed by the Governing Channel from perineum up to head, and the Conception Channel from head back down to the perineum.

The Practice of the Microcosmic Orbit.

1. The first steps are to still the body, calm the mind, and regulate the breath. Sit, stand in Zhan Zhuang or lay on your back, in a quiet place, eyes closed lightly. If you are sitting, you should be upright, with your feet flat on the floor, sitting forward enough so your genitals are off the chair. Advanced practitioners can use many of the different Zhan Zhuang postures.

2. Focus your attention on your Dan Tien (just below your navel and above the Du Qi), and visualize a small ball of energy, a ball of golden or white light, bright and pure. Maintain the attention on the Dan Tien until you feel the energy of the ball. This could be heat, vibration, warmth or just a sensation of its presence.

3. Begin abdominal breathing. This breathing method starts when you inhale through your nose and your abdomen expands, not your chest. It is the way babies breathe. Exhale through your slightly opened mouth, keeping your tongue lightly touching your palate just behind your upper front teeth. When you exhale your abdominal muscles contract lightly to help expel air…

Please visit the link below, at the Yu Li Qi Gong website, for the complete instructions:

Here is the original page, with complete instructions on this most important of the energy circulation exercises for energy healers.

Editors note: I’m posting this link as part of the commitment to showcase important energy healing skills as well as suggesting resources or the acquisition of additional skills. The Microcosmic Orbit Qi Gong practice is a foundational one in developing healing Qi (or Prana) over time, and I highly recommend it to all developing healers. I still practice this circulation exercise 25 years after learning it from my Qi Gong Teacher, and I intend to continue doing it into the future.

In the coming months I will be replacing this link with my own personalized instructions, and then retire this description. But I am grateful to for their page on the Microcosmic Orbit practice.

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