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To heal a nation book recommendation

To heal a nation book recommendation

I want to recommend a new book by my friend and colleague at the Healing Light Center Church, Rev. Kathy Miritello, entitled  To Heal A Nation.

Link to Amazon is here:

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*Relational Energy Healing (which combines Chakra Cord work with Astral Healing) *Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) PS2 Class Dean 1994-2003 *BBSH Department Head of Teacher Training/Vice President of BBI (2 Yrs) *Graduated BBSH in 1992 *Graduated Center For Intentional Living (3 Yr Course in Psychological Studies) in 1998 *Graduated Hakomi Professional Skills Core Training (2 Yrs) *Non-certified studies with Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere (1988-ongoing) *Graduate Qi Gong Therapist (1993) *Former Assistant Scientific Officer for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority *Dean was born in UK. 20 yrs resident in USA. Currently living in SE Asia.

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